The Koala Brothers Wiki

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Series 1[]

1. Archie the Crocodile's New Home

2. Sea Captain Ned the Wombat

3. The Thristy Penguin

4. A Letter for George the Turtle

5. Josie the Kangaroo's Big Jump

6. Alice the Platypus Can't Remember

7. Ned the Wombat's Scary Night

8. What Mitzi the Possum Wants

9. Ned the Wombat the Policeman

10. Sammy the Echidna's Bumpy Ride

11. Archie the Crocodile's Loose Tooth

12. Penny the Penguin Comes to Stay

13. Lolly the Ostrich Comes to Town

14. George the Turtle and the Package

15. Mitzi the Possum's Day Out

16. Sammy the Echidna and the Moon

17. George the Turtle's Day Off

18. Archie the Crocodile to the Rescue

19. Alice the Platypus Rides Again

20. Ned the Wombat the Pilot

21. Mitzi the Possum's Big Adventure

22. Ned the Wombat's Special Visitor

23. Lolly the Ostrich's Broken Bell