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Josie’s Big Jump

Season 1, Episode 5

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Written by

Diane Redmond

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September 5, 2003

Josie’s Big Jump is the fifth episode of the The Koala Brothers series.


When Mitzi skips by the store and asks Josie to go skipping with her, Josie tries to make excuses. In the end, she promises to go skipping with her later that day. Josie has always wanted to skip, but her feet seem to be too big, and the rope keeps catching on them.

When the Koalas turn up in the plane to refuel, Josie is sad - she's made a promise, and doesn't know how she'll ever learn to skip. The Koalas reassure her that they'll think of something, and tell her to keep practising.

While trying to solve a problem for Ned, Frank realises that Josie's problem is simply that the rope is too short. He presents her with a longer skipping rope, and sure enough, it goes under her feet and works perfectly! Josie turns out to be a fantastic skipper, and the Koalas are pleased, yet again, to have been there to help.