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Alice Can’t Remember

Season 1, Episode 6

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Written by

Dave Ingham

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September 8, 2003

Alice Can’t Remember is the sixth episode of the The Koala Brothers series.


Alice drives over to the Koala brothers' homestead, hoping that they can help her remember something important. Despite their best efforts, the Koalas can't jog her memory. Finally, Frank notices a letter in her shopping basket - Alice was driving over to give the Koalas an invite to afternoon tea.

Frank gives Alice a piece of string to tie round her finger, and the remembering string works for a while, until Alice loses it! She rushes about, looking everywhere for it, but to no avail. Only when the Koalas arrive at Alice's for afternoon tea, and try out her home-baked cake, do they discover the whereabouts of the lost remembering string!